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Sound Sleep Workshop – Chicago / Restorative + Integrative Yoga

The Sound Sleep Workshop an integrative workshop- complete with Restorative Yoga as the base, acupressure, and specific meditations for better sleep or complete grounding. It is for all those who suffer from difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, restless sleep, or too much sleep!

When our bodies or minds are overloaded, anxious, or depressed, our sleep can suffer. Excess energy in the head, stress to the heart, or lack of energy circulation can contribute to a rough night’s sleep.

As we bring attention inward, breathe, and allow energy to flow in its natural direction, the healing abilities of the body restore sound sleep. We will press the reset on your nervous system and shift into a restful and peaceful slumber.

Price: $45 on location or $40 in advance
Location: Bloom Yoga Studio, Chicago, IL

To book your Ticket please head over to
the Bloom Yoga Website

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Feb 10 2018


10:30 AM - 01:00 PM



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Bloom Yoga Studio
4663 North Rockwell Street, Chicago, IL 60625, United States
Candice Wu


Candice Wu

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