Dive Deep

A 14-Day Cleanse Experience for the Body, Mind, Soul

I am grateful to share the Dive Deep Cleanse + Detox Program lead by Venessa Rodriguez and Courtney Riley.

The Dive Deep Program is a complete supported experience in cleansing your body inside and out, adding in foods intuitively, and looking at your overall nourishment in your life, career, and relationships. The Dive Deep mission is to encourage “the deepest expression of self to radiate out of your pores,” inner knowing, getting deeply in touch with your intuition, and living in your truth through food and nourishment as medicine.

Venessa is a functional nutrition coach and akashic records reader who supports “intuitive nourishment.”

Courtney is a yoga teacher, massage and Thai yoga therapist, energy worker and health + nutritional coach.

Here are some of the juicy details of the Dive Deep 14-day Guided Experience + Cleanse:

  • Getting clear on your purpose for the cleanse
  • Option to do the cleanse at your own pace
  • Prep phase + Meal Plans for cleansing
  • Daily Love Notes + encouragement
  • Understanding about food and its impact on the body
  • Building intuitive eating and awareness
  • Yummy recipes
  • Easy meals + grocery lists
  • Deep Breathing + other holistic self-care support
  • Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep for planting intentions)
  • Reconfiguring your life nourishment: relationships, career, pleasure
  • Reintegration: Adding back in foods that are right for your body
  • An extended plan that you can use afterward
  • Option to add in herbs + supplements as additional support
  • Facebook group and email support

why I love this program

Venessa and Courtney blend loving encouragement, scientific knowledge, holistic wisdom, and intuition in a simple and beautiful program that gives me extra inspiration to add more beauty into my life and take good care of myself.

special bonus

I would like to give you a special bonus Guided Healing Audio: Navigating Cravings with Ease + Grace if you sign up for the program through me.


In the audio, I will share with you the tools that I found to be helpful when I get cravings.

When I have felt the NEED to eat that sprinkled chocolate mocha cake that I grew up with and I have the impulse to scarf anything down anything sugary within a 20 foot radius ( = stomachache or a headache + regret + feelings shoved down)— this is how I overcome it, gain more organic desire for healthy foods and learn deeply about myself along the way.

If you only want the Navigating Cravings audio, click here to go to the product page.

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DIY (Do it Yourself at your own pace)
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Learn more in this free webinar:

Food & Mood: Using Food as Medicine to Heal Your Body, Mind & Spirit

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How food impacts our mood and the most common culprits
  • Which foods to avoid and which foods to start eating today for emotional and mental well-being
  • How to Transform your “Food Karma”- How inherited unconscious family relationships to food can hold you back and how to release them.
  • Applicable tools + tips you can start using right away
  • More info about the Dive Deep Detox Program

Join the free Webinar

I would love for you to join us for the Food & Mood Webinar.



About 8 years ago my overall cholesterol was 423. I didn’t even know that cholesterol could go that high. At the time, I was having heart palpitations, numbness up and down my right side, major headaches every single day, exhaustion, moodiness, and horrible sleep. Despite seeing many doctors and nutritionists and after trying a multitude of different nutritional regimens, elimination diets, and ultimately the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Plan (GAPS), the fats I ate – mixed with my cookie frenzy (obviously not part of the plan) – put me over into the cholesterol danger zone.

I finally felt I was on the right track when I met a holistic chiropractor who gave me a simple plan to follow and support and care all the way through. The daily support plus the tools for listening to my body's responses to foods was what I needed. Later, I studied Integrative Ayurveda, which gave me a solid foundation of understanding of what each food quality and lifestyle choice brought and how it would affect my overall body constitution.

Over time, through much gustatory floundering and dyspeptic ordeals, I learned to tune into my body and sense what it liked and what it didn’t. And after years of such experiences, I listen with much greater care to my body (most of the time), knowing that my body continually changes its needs and wants.

Food in combination with body-centered healing/therapy brought me more energy, little or no headaches, the ability to breathe better, enjoyment and clearer understanding of my purpose, healthier eating for myself and my family, and connection with my intuition that guides me daily.

I wish I had back then what I have discovered now: the Dive Deep Detox program — simple and supported guidance to healthier eating and lifestyle. I am so grateful to have come to know these two wildly powerful women, Venessa Rodriguez and Courtney Riley, who designed the program!