Distilling to The Essence of the Situation ❤ Self – Love Note

The spiritual essence of a situation is all about what you’re here to learn in the context of your human life. It’s about who you are and developing yourself at the deepest levels. Try out these *essential questions* that can support you with clear knowing of the essence of the situation, giving you direction and ease in your path.

This Body is Sacred ❤ Self – Love Note

What makes you feel sacred and calls your inner world to Beauty? To release the outside world and give our souls inner nourishment is to love ourselves and take responsibility for our home that needs tending to.

Shifting Shame & Being Visible with Sarah Buino

In this chat with the spunky Sarah Buino, we discuss her story around “Kicking and Screaming to be able to be my own self” and how she started her unique therapy practice, perfectionism, shifting out shame, the healing vibration in the expression of music, being visible, and how she nourishes herself to be able to be who she is in the world.

A{Live} Now: The Consequence of What Goes Unspoken

What is unspoken, undone, and unacknowledged – what needs to be expressed and doesn’t get air time – goes back in and rots inside of us. Learn about ways you can shift and use your expression to have a healthier body and how the language of Sanskrit connects with this song.

Venessa Rodriguez – What Would Nature Do?

In this episode, Venessa and I talk about nourishment on all levels, Akashic Records, What feeds Venessa’s Wild, Ant Medicine, Belonging and relationship to what we give ourselves to, coming out of the spiritual closet, hunger and digesting love, and the question – What would nature do?

A{Live} Now: Good Morning, Perfectionist & Inner Critic

An inside look at my waking up with fear, exploring perfectionism, how I give love to my inner critic and inner perfectionist so they don’t get out of hand, exploring the roots of protection and purpose behind the perfectionism, and the inspiration I got knowing that Madonna has reinvented herself 14 times (maybe more at this point).