Candice Wu - Holistic Healer + Intuitive Coach

I love supporting people in being at ease, whole, embodied, and in their joy. It is my passion to work with people who are making or want to make a difference in the world and are feeling overwhelmed, confused, anxious, depressed, in transition, in loss/grief, in repetitive toxic situations or relationships, or have past or intergenerational trauma/losses.

I would be happy to collaborate with you to move towards yourself with awareness, ally with your body and create Self-love so that you can experience life in the way that is authentic and meaningful for you. I come with the belief that you have deep wisdom and everything you need to heal within.

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The Circle

The circle is the symbol in many cultures for healing, oneness, and wholeness. This symbol has three special meanings that create the essence of my practice:

Our Beauty Is That We Are Imperfect, Impermanent, and Ever-Evolving.

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Our Internal World Creates Our External World.

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To Know Our Roots Is to Reconnect With the Flow of Love and Vitality.

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