Healing + Coaching Packages

I hold compassionate space for what wants to emerge on your journey of who you are and the Beauty of your unique essence. With trauma-informed embodied healing and transformation, self-love, self-forgiveness, and body wisdom, I'll support you in feeling easefully and harmoniously like yourself. This is a space for deepening your ability to feel pleasure, worthiness, dream exploration, healing and restoration, building your capacity for peace and presence, and opening up your energies and intuition. It may also include mentorship and training, conscious business consultation and development of your professional voice.

Our work may be to integrate the energy locked within personal, collective, archetypal, past life/soul, and intergenerational trauma, while deepening in your capacity to navigate your inner and outer experience. Individual sessions can include a symphony of any or all modalities. Authentic Relating and Relationship Support for couples, polyamorous and Ethically Non-Monogamous or Consensually Non-Monogamous relationships.

It's such an honor to be on your journey with you!

I’ve designed several packages that you can take to different levels for your wholeness and healing. Join me for a life - transforming single session or for deeper healing and transformation over time.

All sessions are online via video connection.

In-person sessions may be a location we decide upon or if I am in your area.

Currently, I am located in: White Lake, Michigan, USA.


Free Consultation
20 min | No Charge

For new clients - Explore a 20 minute consultation with me. A time to let me know the headlines of what you dream of for yourself, what challenges you are experiencing, your specific needs, and ask any questions so that we can design your healing journey together.

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Online Healing + Coaching Packages

30 min | $165

45 min | $250

60 min | $325

Depending on the level of readiness in your nervous system and given we are a good fit, one session can completely open and catalyze you into your desired healing or life.

True Essence
5 hours | $1500

Step into feeling nourished and supported, going to the essence and roots of your challenges or desires with this 5-session package.

Deep Healing
10 hours | $2800

Feel deeply supported and build your inner transformative power over a few months of embodied healing, touching on all levels of your being. A rich experience and 10-session commitment to yourself.

20 hours | $5300

Dive into powerful healing work over time, 20 sessions of building self-love, going to the roots of your challenges and desires, deepening in yourself and your easeful embodiment of who you truly are.

In-Person Immersion Healing Experience

60 min | $350

A session that offers integrative healing and somatic touch to soothe and nourish your nervous system, offering a spacious and loving container for deep transformation and healing so you can feel naturally yourself.

Full Day
6 hours | $2050

A wildly powerful immersion that touches on all the levels of your being and supports integration, healing, and self – knowing. Release and reclaim the energy behind your current challenges, experience connection with and step fully into your authentic self.


I also offer personal and group immersions, healing retreats and workshops. Dates and locations, are on my Events & Workshops page, or reach out to me if you would like to discuss a personal retreat.


Would you like to see what unfolds?

Let's connect and see if it's a good fit.

Conscious Relationship Coaching

60 min | $350

5 hours | $1700

60 min | $375

Loving and powerful support for couples and relationships that desire true connection, love, intimacy, and intentional relating. With the foundations of ancient yogic principles and embodied connection, we will reset relationship dynamics towards the beautiful relationship that you’d like to create. We will clear ancestral unconscious dynamics that may be tied up in your relationship(s) and embody freedom in the present moment for the love you dream of.

Conscious Relationship Coaching Menu:

We tailor your sessions specifically to what your relationship deeply needs and desires. Some of the areas of growth include and are not limited to:

  • Clearing Unconscious Dynamics and Getting Present: Who Are You being/who Is Your Partner to You?
  • Embodiment, Self- Soothing + Body Care
  • De-Escalating Conflict
  • Pure Intimacy, Play, and Bonding
  • Dueling Negative Beliefs (Sanskaras) + Triggers
  • Loving Communication Blueprints
  • Dreaming Your Life Together
  • Rituals of Meaning
  • Intuitive Connection and Sensing Into Each Other (elements of Tantra)
  • Sorting and Resolving Trauma
  • Family Constellations - Illuminating Ancestral Inheritance and Awareness of It in Your Relationship, Resolving and Healing
  • Letting go of blaming, criticizing or trying to change yourself and your partner
  • Increasing awareness of your own emotional habits
  • Deep, true listening and empathy, of yourself and your partner
  • Creating safety and security for yourself and your partner
  • Connection, unity and understanding of each other
  • Feeling deeply understood
  • Staying calm during communication

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Let's connect and see if it's a good fit.