I have had the pleasure of working with Candice over the last year. I joke that I manifested her into my life as she was the answer I didn’t know I was seeking. I began my work with her on specific intentions, participating in her yoga healing and women’s heart circle, and when my life unexpectedly took a 180, I could not imagine anyone but her to have guided, loved, and supported me through the loss and grief I experienced. In addition to yoga and WHC, I have also worked with her through family constellations, ally with death, sound sleep alchemy, and some of her workshops. She is an amazing person to partner with, and I am thankful she was part of my journey.


I am truly in the best time of my life now after working with you. You have helped me in so many ways. I feel so blessed to have you in my life.


I really appreciated our time with you. Your energy is so generous and healing! My partner and I felt a deepening in our connection through our session and afterward.


Candice is a woman of so many talents and much knowledge in a variety of fields. Her heart is big and very generous. I am fortunate to have crossed her path and want to keep discovering her unique gifts.

Jack L.

I feel more flexibility and fluidity in my body. The healing work we do has changed my whole physical being. There is more love in my life and lightness in my body. I even look up and take in the trees around me when I walk, which is new. I find myself teaching others to be more gentle and nicer to themselves since working with Candice. I've resolved a lot of my insecurities and my fears that I have no purpose and I feel excited to step into life goals that I have dreamed about for a long time.


Candice did a wonderful job working with me in regards to healing work. She was very patient, calming, nonjudgmental, and kind. Candice created a safe environment for me which helped guide me through a challenging time with a hard loss of a pet and pregnancy-related worries. She gave me tools to work on my own as well. I would highly recommend working with Candice as I found the experience to be very helpful.


I so appreciate your attentiveness, your mindfulness, and your kindness.  I love the sound of your voice and your gentle spirit.  I felt very safe with you.  You are an excellent teacher and finding you have had a huge impact on me. It was a wonderful, deep and enriching experience and I thank you.


With you, I feel I the confidence that I can do anything…


Gifted and Passionate

I attended a Yoga Healing Clinic with Candice, and it was an amazing experience. She has a gift enabling her to bring her students to a meditative/aware state where they can attempt to speak and listen to their bodies. My class was a small group event, and it was both an individual and a group experience. As she went around the room speaking and helping each person listen to their bodies, I found their experiences enriched me, and I enjoyed sending my energy towards them. It was a unique experience. I highly recommend it and Candice as a person who can guide you into deeper self-understanding. I also found her to offer a warm, supportive and welcoming environment.

Laura S.

Powerful Healing Experience

The space Candice held for me during our healing session allowed me to go deep and resolve some past hurts. It was a very intuitive experience which inspired me to reconnect with some distant family members.

Rainbow W.

Buzzing for days!

I was privileged enough to attend one of Candice's family constellations workshops, and it was an incredibly powerful, moving, and healing experience. Candice is a wonderfully intuitive healer who has so many gifts to offer! Her warm and inviting vibe left me feeling completely at ease throughout the entire experience and afterward! I was buzzing for days after constellations.

Gabi G.

Wonderful Healer

Candice is a dedicated professional who genuinely cares about her clients. She is a great listener and experienced healer with a wholistic approach. I'm so grateful to have met her.

Alex U.

Candice is truly a conduit for a higher power

I have worked with Candice for over 2 years now, taking restorative yoga classes and doing healing work. Candice is beyond her years in wisdom. As it pertains to healing, she is unlike anyone I have ever worked with, and I've had several. She uses gentle touch, and for me her energy permeates my entire body, bringing it back into balance. Just being in Candice's presence is calming, soothing and loving. I'd highly recommend her to anyone who is bogged down by life's journey. Candice is truly a conduit for higher power, and like the gentleness of a dove, she helps you find inner peace. A genuine and natural healer, she is a real blessing.

Tonya D.

I've had several experiences with Candice Wu from one on one to group settings. Every experience with Candice is personal, caring, sincere and authentic. I've always walked away from each experience, refreshed. Candice is a pleasure to work with!

Patti M.