Sound Sleep Album

Healing at the Root + Guided Meditations

Tune in to Your Personal Alchemy of Good Sleep.

The Sound Sleep Alchemy Album was born from inspiration of my own, clients', friends', colleagues', and family's struggles with stressful or restless sleep, insomnia, waking up in the middle of the night, night terrors and nightmares, and more, as simple sleep hygiene tips did not always work. In my own experiences of terrible insomnia, I needed to go deeper to get to deep sleep; to the root. I am happy to share that I now have restful sleep and when I don't, I have ways to support myself.

Enjoy this culmination of many ancient and modern traditions including Somatic Experiencing, yoga tantra, Ayurveda, spiritual and energetic practices, scientifically-informed and embodied healing techniques, Chinese Medicine, and Family & Systemic Constellations.

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The Sound Sleep Alchemy Album is Right for You if You:

  • Experience Insomnia
  • Feel strained, stressed or restless in your sleep
  • Have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Experience lethargy or tiredness even after having enough hours of sleep
  • Feel anxious about how much sleep you can get
  • Have light sleep or experience yourself being woken up
  • Experience night terrors or nightmares that disturb you
  • If you have a newborn or young child with an irregular sleep pattern that causes you disruption
  • You are pregnant and have disrupted sleep
  • Feel like you’ve tried everything with your sleep OR want to try something now or new
  • Your sleep issues disturb your daily life enjoyment, functioning or relationships
  • You want both sleep hygiene tips and deeper understanding of the root problems behind insomnia or sleep problems
  • You are looking for guided meditations and practices that directly help you fall asleep
  • You would like to resolve the deeper reasons for troubled sleep
  • You'd like a deeper understanding of yourself and your body's messages
  • You'd like to develop the foundation for a thriving dream life (both waking and sleeping)

What You Will Learn in This Album:

  • The factors that contribute to the quality and restful sleep through all the levels of the physiology: physical, energetic, mental/emotional, spiritual and pure consciousness.
  • How to ground and bring safety to the body for better sleep
  • Tools to sort, digest, and process what may be unresolved in your life that contributes to your sleep challenges
  • What ayurvedic type of sleep imbalance you may have
  • A basic introduction to the Ayurvedic doshas and an idea of your constitution and imbalances
  • Timing of best sleep according to your dosha/body’s constitution
  • How to deeply change your beliefs around yourself and sleep and embody healing beliefs
  • Shift out of your family ancestry’s Sleep Story and illuminating related intergenerational losses or trauma
  • How your nervous system baseline is involved in your sleep and how you can care for it
  • Illuminating the answers to what keeps you up at night? Or what may be hindering your deep rest
  • Basics of balancing your lifestyle and nutritional recommendations for better sleep
  • Essential oils and creative recommendations
  • Deeper awareness
  • Honoring your Essential Self + your Divine Being

The Sound Sleep Alchemy Album Includes the Following Audio Guided Meditations:

  • Yoga Nidra: Yogic Sleep for Releasing + Embodying New Beliefs
  • Down to Earth Body Scan
  • Digesting the Day Meditation
  • Taking Internal Inventory Meditation: Clearing Space and Attuning to Peace
  • Organic Breathing
  • Soothing Self-Touch + Body Care
  • Rest Recovery: Middle of the Night Relief

The Following Audio Guided Healing Experientials:

  • A Dose of Moon Light: Energy Healing Visualization for Sleep
  • Illuminate Your Ancestral Sleep Story
  • Resourcing Safety, Love + Peace

These Supportive Resources:

  • Resource Guide for going deeper and understanding
  • Moonbeam Marma Points (Acupressure) for Sound Sleep
  • Journal Exploratories for resolving problematic sleep
  • Exploration of Letting Die What is Decaying: Resolving the Unresolved
  • Goodnight Moon Yoga Poses: Restorative and Gentle Asana Recommendations and Photo Demonstration

And the Following Bonus Items:

  • Loving Kindness Meditation
  • Ayurvedic Doshas 101 Info Sheets
  • Ayurvedic Recommendations based on type of sleep imbalance

You can use all of the audios throughout the day to heal sleep problems and there are specific practices and audio meditations to help you when you can't fall asleep or when you wake up in the middle of the night.