Healing with Horses A Conversation about Equine Therapy with Joy Curran

How can horses help you to release limiting beliefs, fears around money, receive love and feel joyful in your life, become a better parent, or build confidence? I was so excited to learn from special Guest Joy Curran, who offers equine assisted counseling with the help of her amazing horse Chaya. We talk about all the ways that horses can be an embodied and powerful way to learn about yourself, move through blocks and challenges, and build confidence, as well as the spiritual connection, intuitive powers, and love that horses can bring.

Embodied Trauma Healing: From Science to Soul and Spirit

This episode is about the science, soul, and spirit behind trauma and trauma healing, how our instinctual animal body responds to threat, how the whole body’s function and our experience are impacted by the nervous system’s fight and flight responses, and the connection of the body to spiritual aspects of trauma. This episode will be followed by a body-centered trauma healing experiential that supports you in unfolding body memory and organic healing.

A Whole New Set of Realities: Patrick Kalscheur

How does one bridge spirituality, wanting to make a difference, and family law together? Learn how Patrick Kalscheur, Conscious Family Lawyer, integrated his passions into an empowering practice as a family lawyer, mediator, and coach. Patrick shares tips on how to move from scarcity towards abundance, embodying desires and envisioning possibilities, how to open a stepping stone of gratitude towards manifestation, the process of moving through fears and challenges of divorce, and being a clair-empath. His Gratitude Meditation to follow.

Energetic Boundaries: How To Strengthen Your Energetic Field, Ground & Clear Absorbed Energy

This episode is all about energy, how to deal with others’ energies, sorting and releasing absorbed energy or emotions from your own, and strengthening your own energetic field. From tips and tools to stay grounded being an empath or empathic, all the way down to the core beliefs and ways of being that open you up to receiving or feeling responsible for others’ energy. Bonus material: three healing experiential meditations.

Tammy Letherer: You Can’t Plan an Inspired Life

This episode is an inspiring conversation with Tammy Letherer, a writing coach, blogger, and author, who has such a healing presence in the world! She shares about her path of peace in her new book The Buddha at My Table, and radiates with the messages that you deserve to tell your story and to value your experience, no matter how simple or mundane you think it is. She also explores that moments of shock bring you to full presence and attention.