From Emotional Numbness to Wholeness

This episode is about my personal story of moving from emotional numbness to wholeness, navigating and developing a range of emotions, my perspective on how emotional experience changes over time, and an integrative blend of practices that can help develop emotional capacity and resilience.

Four Ways to Use Your Energy Wisely and Feel Alive ❤ Self – Love Note

Our bodies are an iteration of the same sustainability problem that we have on earth. We can use ourselves up quickly- in old habits, moving from fear or from an unconscious place, focusing on scarcity, and at a pace that uses up all that we have. We excavate all the oil from the ground, use up our juiciest resources in … Read More

Men’s Healing & Reclaiming Vulnerability with Brent Garcia

Brent talks about toxic comparison, how society is not set up for men being vulnerable, reclaiming vulnerability as a man, admitting pain and asking for help, the courage to see your own shame, how he changed his entire life in his forties.

Distilling to The Essence of the Situation ❤ Self – Love Note

The spiritual essence of a situation is all about what you’re here to learn in the context of your human life. It’s about who you are and developing yourself at the deepest levels. Try out these *essential questions* that can support you with clear knowing of the essence of the situation, giving you direction and ease in your path.

Honoring My Grandmother & Death’s Offering

To ignore death is to ignore life. A personal story of my grandmother’s passing and the offering and wisdom from her death, along with ways to explore Death to bring more LIFE!

This Body is Sacred ❤ Self – Love Note

What makes you feel sacred and calls your inner world to Beauty? To release the outside world and give our souls inner nourishment is to love ourselves and take responsibility for our home that needs tending to.