Dial in With Your Spiritual Cell Phone with Holly Mihelic

A lively conversation with Holly Mihelic who is a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur who wants to elevate the world through the power of words and connection. Holly’s writing has been featured on popular online publications like the Huffington Post, Thrive Global and Thought Catalog. This episode features discussions about working out your intuitive muscles, spiritual cell phones, how to access the angels, and how to have fun getting to know yourself.

Cultivating Safety ❤ Self – Love Note

One of the simplest and most loving things you can do for yourself is to feel into safety. Experiment with these simple steps to calibrate your nervous system to current safety and build your capacity to experience everything in life.

Fear Has a Place

Does it feel like you have fears that are unreasonable, out of place, or unrealistic to your life situation? A Message from Fear: I have a place. Fear wants you to locate where it belongs- to honor it’s place. The true context in your history, past life, or lineage.

Sinking Into Synchronicity With Rachael Huttner

In this episode, I share an intimate and enriching conversation with a dear friend, Rachael Huttner, who is Thai Body Worker and Reiki Practitioner. Rachael and I talk about how basketball inspired her Thai Body Work, the importance of tribe and teamwork, how to be in touch with synchronicity, and nurturing and valuing intuition and spirit guides.

Self – Love Note ❤ Tuning Into Parts of Yourself

How do we sort out all of what goes on inside? Your inner world is like an entire family inside of you, or a team of players or workers that are at their best when they are all seen, acknowledged, and collaborating. We have subparts of ourselves that interact internally and that may take the lead at different times. Here are some ways to explore, love, and get to know the many parts of you.