Loving and Gentle Communication in Relationships

Even when I thought I was loving in communicating in my love relationships, I had often been challenged and told by my partners that I was not! I had learned all the tricks and words through my study of psychology and communication, but I was somehow still getting into hurtful arguments and repeated conflicts. It took me some time to … Read More

Heart Love + Speaking From the Heart

Give some love and balancing to your heart with 3 meditations and by exploring how to speak from your heart. You’ll learn an alignment and grounding meditation, a heart balancing energy meditation, and a turning inward with love meditation. Working with your ancient ability to heal yourself, these guided meditations will support you in releasing emotions, heart health, feeling more … Read More

Self – Love Note ❤ Take a Break

I noticed a feeling of stress in my body when I began to write this Self – Love Note. I thought to myself, “This week, I am taking a break from Self – Love Notes.” Just the thought alone and allowing myself permission to do so made me feel instantly better. So, I had some energy to invite you all to take a break with me.

Relationship Reset

Have you ever felt like you wanted to just reset or reboot the relationship? The Outdated Default Relationship Dynamic Recently, I noticed that there was a friend that I would frequently feel frustrated with because I became a therapist to them. I found myself feeling exhausted after a conversation and complaining about this person to others. But I wasn’t doing … Read More

Gina Fitzpatrick Reminds us to Listen + Love

I’m delighted to explore with Gina Fitzpatrick, the independent owner of One Key Yoga in Chicago, IL, and mother of four very interesting humans. You can find her in the studio nestled in the Ravenswood/Lincoln Square neighborhood teaching yoga for every body or having tea with friends. Poised for Joy and a tomato connoisseur, Gina is a seeker of truth and … Read More