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Ancestral Healing Constellations Workshop – Chicago

through Family + Systemic Constellations


The challenges we live out now are often connected to our ancestral inheritance- the stories and experiences of our lineage which become infused into our body memory, belief set, genetics, reactions, actions, and energy.

Issues around love + relationships, family, money, self-confidence, career, stuckness or blockages, health + body ailments, emotional suffering, toxic patterns, lack, pregnancy, stress, anxiety + depression, accidents, past life issues, and other, may have their roots in what is incomplete in your family's story, especially where there is loss of loved ones, difficult or traumatic experiences, imbalances in roles in the family, imbalance of give and take, abuse, war, immigration, etc.

It is often that something in the past was incomplete and wants completion now, through your body and your life. However, this can feel like suffering and be destructive to what you want in your life.

Or at least that's how we may see it…until we literally see it before our eyes, played out in representation of strangers tuning into their bodies.

What you may see as negative problems or struggles give way to an enormous amount of love, insight, strength, and freedom, once the completion of what is incomplete is had in the experience and process of Constellations Healing work.


In this workshop, we will dive into understanding and illuminating how your current challenges may be resolved through Family + Systemic Constellations.

Constellations are the catalyst for deep visceral, energetic, spiritual and physical resolve such that you can literally and figuratively step into something different, more authentic, and free for yourself as the bonds of love shift, imbalances balance, and the meanings that were never true to begin are shed or held within the magnificence of your wholeness (and in some cases your family system). Through Constellations, we offer balance to the soul of the family or to the dynamics in your psyche.

This is the space to resolve relational challenges + limitations in a guided experiential and in-body way so that you can literally step with ease and authenticity into the life you are reaching for, which also reaching towards you. The movement is on the level of the soul, clearing the unconscious dynamics and bonds to the ancestry that create a toxic pattern in your life. The resolution often creates a reverberating effect into your current life, body, and image of yourself and the world.

You do not need to know anything about your family ancestry as you join the workshop, as we will tap into the body’s knowing (beyond the mental knowing).


The first segment is an introduction and taster to experiencing this modality in your body. It will be comprised of a brief grounding ritual, introduction to Constellations Healing Theory, and some experiential and embodied healing activities that hold space for your personal healing, no matter what issues you are bringing.

The second segment will hold space for 3 people to receive PERSONAL constellations. This is a more traditional Family Constellations format where we focus on your specific issue. We will ask others in the group will represent the parts of your issue (whether that is the people, places, objects, or energies involved) so that we can illuminate the unconscious layers of the issue, the true context for the issue, and allow organic and natural resolve. There is no need to discuss your issue with words other than a few sentences and some basic factual information.

Come with any curiosity or a particular issue in your life, whether or not it relates directly to your family system. OR join with curiosity and no agenda whatsoever. This Constellation experience provides a compassionate and safe space for resolving or healing any relationship with a person, place, or symbol to allow you to step freely and flowingly into your power, your desire, and the life you want.

No experience necessary whatsoever!

I will support you in feeling safe and tuning into your body as a tool for organic healing and tapping into the energies within your and others' systems. I also encourage you to listen to yourself and respect your own boundaries in the process.



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Feb 11 2018


11:30 AM - 04:30 PM



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