Sound Sleep Alchemy Album



Welcome to better sleep!

Enjoy this culmination of many ancient and modern traditions including yoga tantra, Ayurveda, spiritual and energetic practices, scientifically-informed and embodied healing techniques, Chinese Medicine, and Family & Systemic Constellations.

The Sound Sleep Alchemy Album includes the following Audio Guided Meditations:

  • Yoga Nidra: Yogic Sleep for Releasing + Embodying New Beliefs
  • Down to Earth Body Scan
  • Digesting the Day Meditation
  • Taking Internal Inventory Meditation: Clearing Space and Attuning to Peace
  • Organic Breathing
  • Soothing Self-Touch + Body Care
  • Rest Recovery: Middle of the Night Relief

The following Audio Guided Healing Experientials:

  • A Dose of Moon Light: Energy Healing Visualization for Sleep
  • Illuminate Your Ancestral Sleep Story
  • Resourcing Safety, Love + Peace

These Supportive Resources:

  • Resource Guide for going deeper and understanding
  • Moonbeam Marma Points (Acupressure) for Sound Sleep
  • Journal Exploratories for resolving problematic sleep
  • Exploration on Letting Die What is Decaying: Resolving the Unresolved
  • Goodnight Moon Yoga Poses: Restorative and Gentle Asana Recommendations and Photo Demonstration

And the following bonus items:

  • Loving Kindness Meditation
  • Ayurvedic Doshas 101 Info Sheets
  • Ayurvedic Recommendations based on type of sleep imbalance


Learn more about the Sound Sleep Alchemy Album here.



  1. Ordered mine today I am so excited, if you put it together it will be amazing. Thank you for creating this wonderful gift of sleep!

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