SEPTEMBER 17-22, 2017

The Body Wise Retreat lies in the past. It was an incredible experience (Review Blog Post). To get notified of my next retreat, please become a member of the Embody Community. Additionally you'll receive my Free Guided Meditation.


Healing, Wisdom, and Nourishment of the Body on all Physiological Levels:

Physical, Energetic, Mental/Emotional, Spiritual, Pure Being




Recharge, recalibrate, reconnect, & revitalize your entire being in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Canada. Set on the marvelous Emerald Lake (literally emerald)… treat yourself, feed your soul and take your evolution to another level with nature, community connection, inner healing, and food as medicine for the body, energy, mind, soul, and interconnectedness.


Here's what you'll give yourself on this retreat:

  • Self Love and Nourishment
  • True and genuine connection
  • Bonding with earth, mystery, and adventure
  • Integration of the inner and outer self
  • Tools to transform fears, discomfort, limiting beliefs and resistance into energy and power
  • Deep healing at the root and with ease
  • Restoration of vital energy and deepening in your wholeness and being
  • Clarity and a truer sense of who you are and your direction
  • Recalibration to beauty and your infinite loving Self
  • Body & soul wisdom
  • Practices to access innate healing power and awareness through 5 levels of your physiology
  • Understand what yoga is and how you can utilize yoga in your life


This experience is open to anyone of any gender, sexual orientation, spirituality, ethnicity, race, and religion. This is a safe space for multicultural connection, emotional safety, and wholeness.



  • 5 Nights and 6 Days in luxury accommodations at Emerald Lake Lodge, surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains (soft, clean white sheets and high-quality spa products in every room!)
  • 3 healthy balanced gourmet meals each day with local Rocky Mountain fare inspired by European and Lavish Victorian cooking
  • 1 Yoga and Meditation class each day
  • 1 Healing Workshop each day exploring Body & Soul Wisdom, Self-Awareness, and tools for navigating emotions and transformation. These include an integrated blend of Family Constellations Healing, Body-Centered Therapies and Somatic Experiencing, Voice Dialogue and Karma/Jnana Yoga practices.
  • Unlimited use of outdoor stainless-steel hot tub and dry sauna, campfires, fitness room
  • Access to additional nature adventures including hiking, hiking tours, horseback riding, canoeing, hot springs, biking trails, gondola ride through the Rocky Mountains within steps of the Emerald Lake Lodge
  • Wood-burning stone fireplace in your room, stocked with complimentary firewood
  • Lots of love and personal attention from Candice and the incredible staff at Emerald Lake Lodge
  • Wifi in the main lodge, taxes, food gratuities, and Yoho National Park Pass
  • Goodie bag of nourishment and surprises!


Airfare, alcoholic beverages, activities/excursions, transportation to and from Calgary International Airport (See below for options), optional one-on-one sessions with Candice.

*Please note that there are no air conditioners in the rooms. Also, please note there is no cell phone reception at Emerald Lake Lodge and is limited in Yoho National Park. There is WIFI available in the main lodge.



Each day of the retreat, we will spend our time learning and connecting with one or two levels of the physiology through experiential practices that you can embody and take home with you. We will integrate these on the last day.

Sunday, Sept 17, 2016: Welcome

  • 4-6 pm Mountain Time Arrival and check in
  • 6:30 pm Mountain Time Dinner
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Optional Bonfire

Monday, Sept 18, 2017: Food (Physical) Body and Energy Body

  • Gentle Yoga, Inner Energetic Alignment, and Marma Point Therapy (Acupressure)
  • Healing Workshop: The Body Holds Memory
  • Meditation
  • Leisure time: (hiking, canoeing, horseback, spa, sauna, campfire, your choice!)
  • Breathwork (Pranayama) and Healing Circle

Tuesday, Sept 19, 2017: Mind Body (Subtle) Level

  • Mindful Integrative Yoga. Exploring emotion, sensation, imagery, & impulse.
  • Healing Workshop: Reclaiming Life Energy, Stepping into Wholeness & Power
  • Leisure time
  • Journaling, Meditation and Healing Circle
  • Optional Bonfire

Wednesday, Sept 20, 2017: Spiritual (Intellect) Body Level

  • Gentle Integrative Yoga, Expanding Your Capacity for Life, Awareness of Beliefs
  • Healing Workshop: Mapping the Parts of Self, Who are you Being?
  • Meditation: Walking & Silent Meditation
  • Workshop: Karma Yoga, Belief Clearing, Forgiveness
  • Leisure time
  • Restorative Meditation and Healing Circle

Thursday, Sept 21, 2017: Pure Being (Causal) Body

  • Dreamweaving & Yoga Nidra
  • Healing Workshop: Being Love, Aligning to Spirit, Enhancing Intuition & Clarity of Self
  • Meditation: Bonding with Earth Nature Meditation
  • Workshop: Karma Yoga, Belief Clearing, Forgiveness
  • Leisure time
  • Meditation, Gratitude Ritual, and Healing Circle

Friday, Sept 22, 2017: Integration & Closing

  • Integrative Yoga
  • Closing Ceremony ending at 1 pm Mountain Time
  • Understanding the koshas (5 levels of physiology) as a whole
  • Application to life
  • Follow up and continued support


Early Bird Discount of $200 per person if registered by June 5, 2017, or $100 per person if registered by July 5th, 2o17.

Deluxe Room Suite, Double: $2785  USD per person (shared room with two double beds) or $3685 USD for one person

Luxury King Suite, Single (King Bed): $3685 USD for one person ($2785 USD per person if shared)

**Non-refundable deposit of $650 USD to save your spot.

**Final balance due by August 15, 2017.

Are you interested in sharing accommodations but don’t have a roommate yet? You can sign up for a double and I will make every effort to help find you a roommate. If a roommate cannot be found by the final payment date, the single occupancy rate will apply. I will gladly refund the difference between the shared and private occupancy rates if subsequently a roommate is found after the final payment date.

**The lake’s remarkable emerald color is caused by fine particles of glacial sediment


Learn more about Emerald Lake Lodge

Click Here

What is the weather like in Banff in September?

September is Fall in Banff. It is the very edge of the summer season, so it is not as busy with tourists and is on the warmer end of Fall. However, Banff is unique because it can experience all of the seasons in one day. Temperature can be anywhere from 45-65 Degrees Fahrenheit. We will flex with the weather and dress in layers!

How do I get to Emerald Lake Lodge?

Fly to Calgary International Airport, Canada (YCC). It is roughly a 2.5 hour bus ride/shuttle straight to Emerald Lake Lodge.

Take a private car or Shuttle Bus (runs every hour) straight to Emerald Lake Lodge: Shuttle Bus every hour, about $49 USD

or Banff Airporter: Runs every hour, about $47 USD or Brewster: about $48 USD

Transportation around Banff and local areas

Remember that all costs on the linked websites are likely in Canadian Dollars.

What adventures can I explore at Emerald Lake?

Check out beautiful photos of Emerald Lake Lodge and activities.

Hiking Trails right outside the Lodge doorstep.

The Gondola

Horseback Riding and Tours: Here, and Here.


Remember that all costs on these websites are in Canadian Dollars.

How much leisure time will I get?

You will have 3-6 hours of leisure time a day. The itinerary will be provided to you in advance so that you can plan ahead for any additional excursions.

Where are the Hot Springs?

You can visit the Hot Springs halfway from Calgary International Airport to Emerald Lake Lodge.

Do I need a passport to travel to Canada?

YES! Check that your passport is active as soon as possible.

No visas required to travel to Canada.

Packing List

  • Yoga Mat
  • Passport
  • Yoga block/strap optional
  • Bathing suit optional
  • Hiking boots/outdoor shoes
  • Clothing to dress in layers

Things To Do Before Your Trip