Soul Body
Women’s Retreat

Transforming the Heart,
Excavating the Soul

October 10 – 15, 2018
/ Zion National Park Villa

My Invitation to You!

❤  ❤  ❤

For any woman (someone who identifies as or as non-binary) who deeply desires to lead from your soul and BE YOURSELF, from your light, the essence of your being and truth.
To truly enliven your Spirit and Self, in this body and to feel at ease and at HOME. To bridge Soul to Body and go BEYOND into the light of your Spirit. To heal what may be still needing healing, but to CREATE and live what’s really YOU.
If this is you, I invite you to step into the alchemic experience of the Soul Body Women’s Retreat!
Within the richness of the caves, mountains, sky, and earth forms of Zion National Park, we open our sacred feminine space where we bridge the opposed forces within you — body and soul, earth and sky, feminine and masculine, past and future, ancient and new, scientific and magical, unconscious and conscious, life and death, parts and whole…
Where all parts of you are deeply supported in unity and balance, healing and transformation to clear out the gunk so your inner spark can LIVE and vibrate freely.

 ❤    Limited to 7 Spaces    ❤


This Retreat is For You If…

  • You dream of going deeper with yourself, wildly expressing your life from the soul, trusting your heart, and being EMBODIED.
  • You’d like to merge Soul and Body to be whole and FULL.
  • You desire to feel your aliveness, wholeness, and true nature.
  • You’d like to truly honor yourself and LOVE from the depths of your being. To truly let your life exist as message of your inner truth and your gifts.
  • You feel stressed, overwhelmed, or chaotic, or disconnected from who you truly are or lost…
  • You are ready to release and complete certain unresolved issues, challenges, or blockages.
  • You’d like to illuminate and allow healing of the underlying ancestral dynamics or body memory that play in your present life.
  • You’re ready to CREATE and live what’s truly YOU.
  • You identify as a woman.

Then you may be called to join this beautiful healing tribe of 10 beautiful women for 6 days in Zion National Park!

No matter where you are on your journey this experience will be specially sculpted for what you truly desire and the shaped towards the antidotes you need for all levels of your being. With the loving and sacred support of the group, you may see yourself and embody yourself in a new light and image.

Magic and synchronicity happens — If you feel magnetized towards this retreat, I encourage you to trust the timing, trust your intuition, and reach out for more information.

Everything was so healing and transformative. I feel my sadness and anxiety has lifted quite a bit. I felt loved and supported and listened to here. I am more aware of self-care and loving myself.Mary (past retreat attendee)

The Inspiration…

I am so grateful for the lovely environment of support, fun, and vulnerability that allowed for so much inner transformation as well as external validation and connection! I wouldn't change a thing. All the exercises we did were poignant and pivotal. I have a resonance I can tap into whenever I need additional strength and I now know that I can channel a resource to help in in the energy and paradigm shift I need.Carly (past retreat attendee)

The Experience

The intentions that will fire up
the beautiful space of this retreat include:

Bridging Earth + Sky

Body + Soul. We will ground ourselves in Earth, the beautiful location of Zion National Park, and the dynamics of our physical home: the body, senses, and nervous system, and bridge the Sky: our soul, what’s deeply inside and wholehearted, conscious, and life – giving. The place of freedom, connection, and expansion through the soul in this body.

Sacred Presence

Honor and live in the aliveness, synchronicity and joy of the present moment. To release the past and future to feel deeper Beauty and presence now.


The practices we will do together will support feeling safely embodied so that your soul has a lovely home to live. Your body is a divine holder and creator of your dreams!

Creativity + Recalibration

Align to the creative image of your deeper truth, your desire and vision. Find yourself in the power of your imaginal and dream space for envisioning and healing.


Connect with your roots and lineage to restore vitality, resilience, and the flow of love. Your ancestry is your human platform for spiritual growth, providing the exact spiritual algorithm to bring you to see your deepest truth: your freest, most essential and authentic Self.

Love + Self – Forgiveness

Using love’s transformational power, we light and shine it on dark areas to bridge and reclaim the wholeness that we are. We will use the power of self – forgiveness to bring healing to underlying beliefs and places where you’ve been self – critical or judgmental. Shifting the distortions to the universal truths of your being.

Reclaiming Wholeness

Access the many possibilities of being: connecting and reclaiming the archetypal energies for your personal expansion. The divine feminine and masculine, inner mother and father, magical, sorcerer, energies of death and life, creativity, etc.

Integration + Completion

Any experiences that have been traumatic, overwhelming, or unresolved can enact in our lives as struggles, repeating patterns, and challenges – these are powerful opportunities for completion of a movement. Through this is an ocean of empowerment, self – awareness, and integration. This retreat, is a platform for completion of your real challenges so that you can step into life with more freedom.

Connection + Meaning

When we connect from the heart, magic and meaning is present. We hold that we are more when together! Our space is safe to exchange from a place of vulnerability, openness, love, and depth, with plenty of room for fun, play, and lightness.

Safe Space

This experience is open to 10 lovely and diverse humans who identify as a woman of any sexual orientation, spirituality, ethnicity, race, and religion. This is a safe space for multicultural connection, emotional safety, and wholeness.

Connecting with Candice
Before the Retreat

It’s so important to me that you feel called to this retreat, that you feel safe, and that it is a great fit for you.

Before committing to such a powerful and vulnerable adventure, I understand you may have uncertainties, fears, and unknowns, and you may want to know what it feels like to (if you don’t know me yet!).

This is why I am available before you register to answer questions, talk to you, get to know you, and share with you what this retreat is all about.

When you have certain uncertainties or fears (whether they are related to the experience of the retreat, the rooms, the people involved, the location, the specific challenges you face, the healing you desire, etc.) I offer my open-heart to you to explore these things together.

Entry Session and Tuning in Together

Then, once you’ve committed to the retreat, we will schedule a time closer to the retreat to discuss where you are, what you’d like out of the retreat experience, how you feel most safe and how you’d like to be supported.

I listen to and collaborate with each woman to bring in their specific ideas and intentions, as each of them are co-creators of this sacred experience. There’s no stupid question or request. It starts now so that you can feel plugged in even before you arrive.

Our All – Inclusive 6 Day Retreat Includes

  • Beautiful Mountain Views inside of Zion National Park
  • Cozy Home Villa Stay of 5 nights and 6 days
  • Delicious + Body Nourishing Ayurvedic Lunch + Dinner Curated Specially by Robin Fischer (Ayurvedic Cook and Consultant)
  • Healthy Breakfast and Snacks
  • Morning Yoga and Meditation experience daily to Enliven the Body for Our Healing Work
  • A Healing Workshop each day: an integrated blend of Family Constellations Healing, Body-Centered Therapies and Somatic Experiencing, Voice Dialogue and Karma/Jñana Yoga practices.
  • A Healing Circle Daily: Ceremony and Ritual to Connect and Transform Old Beliefs and Myths
  • Daily Play, Pleasure, and Rest Time in the Villa and Zion National Park
  • Writing and Journaling Explorations to Support Integration
  • Getting to Know Beautiful Humans, Most Importantly Yourself!
  • Lots of love and personal attention from Candice and Robin
  • Wifi in the Villa
  • Personal connection and getting started session with Candice to bring you into the retreat with ease and comfort
  • A Group Photograph in the Mountains or Canyons
  • A Beautiful Professional Photograph of Yourself in Your Beauty by Christoph Spiegl
  • Goodie bag of nourishment and surprises!

About The Retreat Collaborators

Candice Wu

I love supporting people in being at ease, whole, embodied, and in their joy. It is my passion to work with women who are making or want to make a difference in the world, want to deeply love themselves, or want to feel connected with their truest Self and their body's wisdom.

I use the power of love to transform and catalyze inner knowing, along with a blend of intuitive body wisdom, Somatic therapies, embodied ancestral healing/family constellations, yoga, and ayurveda, I work with embodiment, intuition, spirituality, identity, love and relationships, polyamorous relationships, limiting beliefs, trauma + intergenerational trauma, sexuality, prenatal + perinatal, money and career issues.

I have a special place in my heart for the feminine energies, divine mother, human mothers, babies, adult children, and their bonds of love.

Robin Fischer

I use energy work and meditation to remind the senses how to observe the present moment to allow for recognition & release of stress & pain patterns.

Robin will be cooking gourmet and healthy food inspired by Ayurvedic tradition and care to the body to balance with the season, the time of day, the climate and the healing activities we will be holding together!

Robin's interest in herbalism and self care sparked in 2013, as she began to need additional tools to support herself as a full time bodyworker. Searching to rebuild after burn out brought her to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian art of wellness.

This study opened doors to her ability to self soothe under stress. Learning to cook and eat in alignment with the seasons and understanding the individual properties of spices to aide proper digestion, allowed Robin to nourish herself to a fuller degree.

This encouraged her to embrace the subtle art of energy work and meditation. By working with the chakra system, Healing Touch and Ayurvedic Marma points, Robin facilitates space to move through energetic blocks.

Book a session (15 minute session: $20 | 30 minute session: $40 ) with Robin during the retreat to quiet the mind and enhance a feeling of rest. Guided visualization, gentle touch and breathing techniques are used to facilitate the dismantlement of energetic holding patterns in the subtle body.

Website: More About Robin & her Practice

Christoph Spiegl

World traveling content creator and consultant.
I love supporting people in their business and life adventures.

Christoph Spiegl is my loving partner in life and collaborator on this retreat. Though it is a women’s retreat, he will respectfully be involved and at the retreat in the following ways:

  • As a support for me, Candice
  • Taking a few photographs during announced or planned times
  • Posting photographs (with permission) to social media to share our experience
  • Some yoga classes in the mornings
  • A few playful transition exercises
  • Meals
  • Website and technical support (mostly prior to the retreat)

The sacred healing women’s space of the retreat will be preserved with clear boundaries. What this means is you will know exactly when he will be around and when he won’t so that you have the privacy and feminine healing space. He is a support to the retreat and will keep confidentiality of all private information and experiences.

If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask me!

Our Journey Together

The Cycle of Life/Death/Life

  • Being held with love and care as you register and enter the loving space of this retreat
  • You’ll receive an individual Getting Started Session with Candice prior to the retreat
  • Facebook Group Support and Connection with Other Retreat Members

A Rough Outline of Each Day

  1. Yoga/Meditation
  2. Breakfast
  3. Workshops
  4. Lunch
  5. Leisure Time (3–6 hours)
  6. Dinner
  7. Healing Circle
This retreat exceeded any and all expectations I had coming into it. I learned to heal parts of myself that I have left unattended within me for a long time and to love myself at a deeper level. Jen (past retreat attendee)

Why Zion National Park?

Besides being an outdoor paradise, Zion National Park is full of mystery, magic, depth, and a blend of ancient and spiritual. It is full of Beauty and harmony of opposing forces.

We will surround with Earth and Sky, Mountain and Cave, Canyon and Water. We will hug the red rock mountains to fire our inner transformation!

Zion encompasses the combinations of religion and spirituality, ancient and historical, new and evolving, and a unified space of LOVE… giving us a multi-dimensional space to embrace and transform the many energies of our inner being.

While biblical scripture refers to Zion as the “City of Holiness” and a “city of refuge” where all are protected and safe, this is NOT a religious retreat.

However, we will draw upon the magic of those before us that evolved in consciousness and interconnection.

According to the legends, the sacred space of Zion is home to a historic link between Indigenous/Native American (Hopi) and Christian (Mormon), where there was an enlightened sharing of consciousness.

There are many stories told about and sacred aspects of Zion. Here are some of them to peruse to inspire your awakening on this trip.

What You’ll Need

  • Airfare (Recommendation is to go to Las Vegas)
  • Rental Car to the Villa (I can help to coordinate you to travel with others)
  • Zion National Park Pass. Info Here.. $15 per person and $30 per car.
  • Yoga Mat
  • Travel Insurance (recommended)

Our Villa Stay

Our Zion Villa will be our luxurious yet cozy home for 6 days. Literally inside of Zion National Park, it is surrounded by the red rock mountains, next to the tabernacle dome, cave valley, and heavenly valley. Our private and secluded location allows for an intimate and unique experience of Zion.

Leisure Activities

Words cannot express the amount of love and support I felt the entire trip- from everyone – which helped me feel open and vulnerable. Candice's calm presence and genuineness filled me, called to me, and made me feel 100% comfortable and at ease.Jenna (past retreat attendee)

Investment + Registration

Early Bird Discount

$100 Per Person if Registered by August 10, 2o18

Early Bird Discount Extended until August 30th.

Heart Alchemy Suite


1 Room Available
Two Bunk Twin Beds
Four People per Room

$2695 USD Per Person for a Twin Bed
(2 spaces left)

Body Love Suite


1 Room Available
Two Separate Twin Beds
Two People per Room

$2895 USD Per Person
(2 spaces left)

Soul Space Suite

from $2895

1 room available
Queen Bedroom
One Person or Shared With Two People

$3395 USD for One Person
(1 space left)

$2895 USD Per Person if Shared
(2 spaces if shared)

I would love for you to join me on this magical and powerful journey!

With Deep Love and Gratitude,

Questions or Booking?

Please reach out to explore your inspiration around the retreat! We can chat about any questions or wonderings about the retreat, whether this is the right adventure for you, or book your reservation.

Non-Refundable Deposit of $600 USD to Reserve Your Spot.

Schedule a Connection With Candice First!

Final Balance Due by September 10, 2018.

If you need a payment plan, please reach out to Candice.

Cancelation Policy: Please reach out to Candice to Inquire.