Self – Love Note ❤ Turning Inward With Love

Self – Love is essential to feeling nourished, thriving, and being at ease in yourself. Your well being is at the root of all of what you'd like to create, do, and offer in the world. Imagine, if we each loved ourselves, what a difference it would make!

Each week, I share a Self – Love Note for you to experiment with and add onto your own ways of treating yourself with love. These include ways to love and care for yourself on all levels — your physical being, your energy body, your emotional and spiritual self, and your development of consciousness. Feel free to share with me your experience and your favorites.

Turning Inward With Love

Whether you’re feeling wonderfully or you’re having a rough day, this is for you.

This was inspired by a loved one through a message to me when I was experiencing deep shame and grief, a time I needed it the most.

  • Let go of the world around you, your to-do lists, your plans, your laundry, your relationships, society, your community…
  • Turn towards yourself with great power and strength
  • Shine an inner love towards yourself
  • Let compassion wash throughout your heart and touch the deepest core of your very being
  • Remind yourself that all of your emotions, thoughts, and experiences are just that: emotions, thoughts, and experiences and that you are much MORE than all of that.
  • And that you are WORTHY of love and attention.
  • If you’re not sure of how to feel a sense of love towards yourself, I encourage you to practice the Loving Kindness Meditation.

For the members of the Embody Community, I offer the Loving Kindness Meditation for free. After signing up you get to the free resource center with many goodies and one of those is the MP3 download of this guided meditation. You can signup here.

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