A{Live} Now: Lessons from Illness and Emergence — EP188

I felt like I was falling apart, breaking apart. I was becoming more in line with who I am… but things had to die. Listen in on the lessons from my life concoction of spiritual transition and getting covid 19 at the same time. Catch in on some of the ways that I supported myself through it.

The Past Does Not Define Your Future — EP169

The present is an outpouring of your past energies and beliefs… not a confirmation of the future. And the past does not define what happens next — you’re a constant creator whether you know it or not.

Receive in Unexpected Ways — EP166

Let go of form: Hone in on Vibration. On the challenge of letting go of the image or form I dreamt up, envisioned, and planned, only to find delight in receiving exactly what I wanted and more.