Support and Soothing Experiential — EP186

We underestimate the amount of support and soothing our bodies need. Jump into a brief experiential to ease your body to soothe and comfort your nervous system, heart and body.

Your Natural Voice: Speaking, Sounding, Singing Bare & Beautiful — EP151

To be in your bare, beautiful and natural voice is to love yourself. The simple but intimate conversation of your relationship with your own voice and sound. Explore a handful of tips to play with and expand the range of your sound, getting comfortable with more of yourself. Get naked and intimate.

Inner Trust: 8 Tips to Embody Trust & Intuition — EP145

Imagine you could easily trust your knowing, intuition, and trust you can handle anything. To be in the flow of your brilliant body and being. To trust Life as it comes to you, that you are creatively powerful and able to love yourself through anything. 8 tips!

Pleasure, Beauty, and Capacity — EP136

You can have it all. You are worthy of deep and juicy pleasure. This episode is a primer with six ways to discover and deepen into what pleases you, whether that be simple joys, sexuality, purpose, or sensuality. Pleasure is the compass to your essential being, digesting pleasure, and the Ability to Respond (Response-Ability) to your Spirit.