My Story of Food as Medicine

About 8 years ago my overall cholesterol was 423. I didn’t even know that cholesterol could go that high. At the time, I was having heart palpitations, numbness up and down my right side, major headaches every single day, exhaustion, moodiness, and horrible sleep. Despite seeing many doctors and nutritionists and after trying a multitude of different nutritional regimens, elimination diets, and ultimately the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Plan (GAPS), the fats I ate – mixed with my cookie frenzy (obviously not part of the plan) – put me over into the cholesterol danger zone.

I felt scared, confused, and discouraged. It wasn't until I got loving guidance, care, and a simple plan to follow from a holistic chiropractor that I felt on the right track. The daily support plus tools for listening to my body's responses to foods stopped the confusion. Later, I studied Integrative Ayurveda, which gave me a solid foundation of understanding of food is everything we ‘eat' through the senses and its affect on my overall body constitution.

Over time, through much gustatory floundering and dyspeptic ordeals, I learned to tune into my body and sense what it liked and what it didn’t. And after years of such experiences I listen with much greater care to my body (most of the time), knowing that my body continually changes its needs and wants.

Food in combination with body-centered healing/therapy brought me more energy, little or no headaches, the ability to breathe better, confidence in  understanding how food affects my body, enjoyment and clearer understanding of my purpose, healthier eating for myself and my family, and connection with my intuition that guides me daily.

I wish I had back then what I have discovered now: the Dive Deep Detoxprogram — simple and supported guidance to healthier eating and lifestyle in 14 days. I am so grateful to have come to know these two wildly powerful women, Venessa Rodriguez and Courtney Riley, who designed the program!

Venessa is a functional nutrition coach and akashic records reader who supports “intuitive nourishment.” Courtney is a yoga teacher, massage and Thai yoga therapist, energy worker and health coach.

Their mission is to encourage “the deepest expression of self to radiate out of your pores,” inner knowing, getting deeply in touch with your intuition, and living in your truth.


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