Be Sweet to Yourself – 8 Self-Love Tips For the Holidays

The holidays can be bombarding and stressful. Add a few loving habits to your holiday intentions this season! Here are some Self-Care tips from me to you this year, coming from a blend of Yoga, Ayurvedic philosophies so you can feel at ease through the holidays.

  1. Let Your Body Lead

Your body is very intelligent. Our bodies naturally follow the changes in season and the natural hibernation and slowness of Winter. If your body wants to rest, do it. If your body wants to play, go for it! Respond to your body’s needs and provide it lots of good nourishment. Go inward and listen to your body’s messages through emotion, sensation, tension and pains.

  1. Love Your Insides

Drink an Ayurvedic cleansing and nourishing tea this to fire up your digestive juices as you treat yourself this holiday season. Ginger Turmeric Tea. I like to add lemon and some like a splash of paprika or chili powder. Read up on the benefits of turmeric as anti-inflammatory support for your body.

  1. Unplug

In Ayurveda, everything we take through the senses is food. Cleanse your precious body of technology and media intake. Give your body the gift of clearing out the tech clutter and get better sleep, increased digestion and clarity. Try putting a time limit to which you allow your phone/computer to be on or set a 5-10 minute timer for your social media scrolling or email.

  1. De-Pressurize

Take the pressure off of yourself to be or feel a certain way around and about the holidays. Be kind and gentle to yourself about how you feel, as you are an ever-evolving creature that feels. Take care of your feelings by noticing them and making meaning of them.

  1. Use Discernment

Choose what would be meaningful this month and say no to extra events and invites. Notice what brings you a feeling of expansiveness or joy vs. constricted or tense and use that to inform your decisions about your needs and wants.

  1. Open to Gratitude

Find ways to voice your gratitude to yourself and others. Feel the good vibes in your body! Know that feeling into gratitude brings you more of what you are grateful for.

  1. Let Things Die That Need To

Leaves fall and crumble to form compost for Spring growth. Let what needs to end or die to do so with the natural cycle of life and death. Create new space for life, creativity, and intentions in the new year by consciously putting your attention towards what needs to go or break off. Practice the Ally with Death Visualization that I have created for you to move you through a truthful and powerful experience of facing your fears, letting all of what has been rotting away at you go, and living a life that matters to you.



  1. A Word for 2017

For your 2017 intentions, choose a word or a few words that you would like to embody this year. Put the words, “I am…” in front of this word and see what it would look like to embody these words for yourself. I am radiant… I am emboldened… Have fun with this! Here are some ideas for power words and words of the year.

Have a Sweet Holiday!