Creating vs Reacting — EP178

With this story on looking deeper at what was living underneath my desires, I explore what creation truly is! Get clear on when you’re reacting and living from the past and when you’re truly creating your experience from present day sovereignty.

On Your Needs and Wants: You Are Your Own baseline — EP173

On the topic of your wants and needs being unique to you and not up for debate or comparison, being selfish, and worthiness. Often the baseline of what is too much is someone else’s experience, external. Reset the baseline back to you!

The Past Does Not Define Your Future — EP169

The present is an outpouring of your past energies and beliefs… not a confirmation of the future. And the past does not define what happens next — you’re a constant creator whether you know it or not.

Horse Drool and An Inner Shower — EP158

Sounds pleasant huh? Horse drool and an inner shower?! A guided experiential of taking an inner shower and clearing the energies in your body to feel refreshed! Find out why I’m talking about horse drool, and some food for thought on alignment and peace.