Heather Fraelick Talks to Our Fascia – EP9

In this podcast, Heather shares her many gifts: the main one being herself! She is joy, as the meaning of her last name describes, and reminds us all that we are human in process. She discusses her dance career has been an essential part of her life and offerings, being human and feeling, the myth that we are “healed” or “zen” at some point, saying “No” and having healthy boundaries, and how the body talks to us.

Heather has a beautiful gift of talking with our fascia, muscles and body, and teaches this to all those around her. She brings a lightness, joy, and ease in self care of the body, heart and soul.

In essence, Heather brings forth a compassionate, listening ear to each session, workshop, or circle, and enjoys helping clients empower themselves on their road to recovery!

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Contact Details

Heather Fraelick
LMT Bodywork and Massage

Heather Fraelick LMT on Facebook
Instagram @hlfraelick

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Show Notes

  • 1:10 Opening
  • 2:25 Heather’s Dancer Moves Her Healing Work
  • 4:31 Conversing With the Body
  • 4:56 Facilitating Healing Vs. Helping
  • 5:35 Not Fixing, Inspiring the Body
  • 6:56 “Everybody’s Body and Being Has the Capacity”
  • 7:09 if Our Fascia Could Talk, What Would It Be Saying
  • 7:34 Avatar (The Movie) and Fascia Storing Memories
  • 9:17 Working with Chakras and Women’s Circles
  • 12:01 Myth : That Suddenly We Are “Healed”
  • 14:08 Nobody Has It All Together!
  • 14:32 the Reason Heather Got Into This Work
  • 15:27 Experiencing It Yourself First to Then Give to Clients
  • 16:05 How Heather Does Self-Care and Nourishment
  • 17:13 “If You Don’t Help Yourself, You Literally Can’t Help Other People.”
  • 18:11 Giving to Much and Overbooking Your Schedule
  • 20:51 Thoughts on turning 40 and Trusting Intuition
  • 22:12 Trusting Your Intuition / Feeling Your Gut
  • 22:34 Cari Rogers Quote: “light & right!”
  • 23:07 Not an obvious Yes? It’s a No
  • 24:04 Giving Yourself Permission
  • 25:03 Waiting for Someone to Give You Permission
  • 25:58 the Need for Safety From Someone Else
  • 27:03 the Collective Nervous System / Tools to Support Building Safety
  • 29:11 Story of Dandelions
  • 30:28 How Do You Spread Seeds of Positivity in the Winter?
  • 32:02 Aligning With the Cycle of the Year and Finding Gratitude With What Is
  • 32:46 How Heather Does Not Take on the Clients’ Energy?
  • 35:13 What if You Have Picked Up Other Peoples Emotions or Energies?
  • 36:24 Shamanic Practices and Prayers
  • 37:14 Heather’s Practice Challenges
  • 38:54 Missing the Achievement
  • 39:20 Advice for Practitioners That Are Starting Off
  • 41:51 What Do You Do When You Are Hard on Yourself?
  • 44:01 What’s Heathers Message?
  • 45:18 the Meaning of Heathers Last Name
  • 46:01 Outro and Send Off

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