Honor the Mothers & The Expansion That Created Your Foundation — EP184

Join me in this episode to honor the mothers and women of your ancestral lines along with a discussion around how to handle parts of our lineage we reject. The ways of being that may be limitations for us might have been expansion for previous generations. Turn rejection into resource and shift into your own uncharted expansion!

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Rachael McKee created this beautiful 44-card oracle deck:

Messages From Her on Kickstarter.

In this episode, Rachael speaks about her deck and pulls a card for me for my birthday month, which also is International Women’s Month! As you’ll hear in the episode, each card comes with a lovely description of each modern woman’s message for daily inspiration.

The Kickstarter for the deck and book runs from March 8th to March 31st. The Kickstarter funds go to printing the first print run of the book :)

Rachael McKee

[email protected]

Website: messagesfromher.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/her_messages

Please feel free to share with anyone that you think might like to purchase/fund the project!


Show Notes

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:15 A Card From Rachel
  • 5:06 International Women’s Month
  • 8:13 How to Get in Touch with Our Ancestry
  • 15:43 How You Can Shift Into Your Own Energy
  • 20:33 The Fabric of Your Being
  • 25:27 Our Expansion Is Uniquely Ours
  • 29:13 Experiential: What Was the Expansion Before You?
  • 38:33 Outro

Intro Music by Nick Werber

Featured Photo by Braulio Gómez on Unsplash

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