Experiential: Wake Up Your Awareness — EP177

Nothing complicated here! Simple movements that can deepen your awareness, release tension, and fortify feeling IN your body. You can do this lying down upon waking up, as a break in the day or before bed.

Do You Fully Stand Behind Your Choices? ❤ Self – Love Note

So as I’m watching the millions of people stand for the one person in the Hong Kong Protests, I wondered — do I stand up for ALL of the parts of myself? Do I make choices that continue to trade in some amount of pleasure or practicality and sacrifice another part of me to get hurt? Where am I incongruent with all of what I need or desire with what I allow in and attract in my life?

How to Boost Your Healing & Build Your Resilience

Your Body Is Brilliant Your body is completely intelligent. Deep down, it naturally knows how to move towards healing and growth. The cells of your body hold the magic and knowledge of ancient instinctual wisdom – it knows what to do without you even thinking about it. Have you ever seen a tree in the city, where the roots are … Read More