Horse Drool and An Inner Shower — EP158

Sounds pleasant huh? Horse drool and an inner shower?! A guided experiential of taking an inner shower and clearing the energies in your body to feel refreshed! Find out why I’m talking about horse drool, and some food for thought on alignment and peace.

A{Live} Now: Leaving Mexico and Travel Field Trip — EP125

This is a field trip Episode where I say goodbye to Mexico after 4 months, a pandemic and Black Lives Matter Protests. Some reflections of my time as I bring you along my travels back to the US during Covid19. Sound bites in my next adventure of living off the grid and living with five horses.

My Story and What I offer at Embody Your Nature — EP90

A ten-minute taste of my story in becoming a healing facilitator and the ways in which I support people in the science and the spirituality of being at home in their bodies, loving and feeling like themselves, and living in your wisdom.