Nourish Your Intuition & Know What To Listen To – EP20

Love and be in continual alignment with yourself with the most important tool you have: your intuition! Tune in this week for insights on the topic of listening inward and intuition, nourishing a relationship with your body’s messages, and discerning between intuition and fear-based decision-making.

Experience Your Human Being-Ness ❤ Self – Love Note

As we change and grow, it’s important to rest and find beauty, pleasure, and joy. To simply experience our human being-ness. Explore some self-love questions that allow you to touch into the experience of beauty and joy. Bring back the parts of you that have been put on the back-burner.

a{Live} now: Good Morning, Perfectionist & Inner Critic – EP17

An inside look at my waking up with fear, exploring perfectionism, how I give love to my inner critic and inner perfectionist so they don’t get out of hand, exploring the roots of protection and purpose behind the perfectionism, and the inspiration I got knowing that Madonna has reinvented herself 14 times (maybe more at this point).

Fear Has a Place

Does it feel like you have fears that are unreasonable, out of place, or unrealistic to your life situation? A Message from Fear: I have a place. Fear wants you to locate where it belongs- to honor it’s place. The true context in your history, past life, or lineage.

Self – Love Note ❤ Tuning Into Parts of Yourself

How do we sort out all of what goes on inside? Your inner world is like an entire family inside of you, or a team of players or workers that are at their best when they are all seen, acknowledged, and collaborating. We have subparts of ourselves that interact internally and that may take the lead at different times. Here are some ways to explore, love, and get to know the many parts of you.

Self – Love Note ❤ Dialogue With Your Emotions

Dialogue and relate to your mental and emotional being with great respect and love. We often think of the mind as just our thoughts and our brain. In Yoga and Ayurveda, the first mind is in the gut, where information is stored, which feeds into the brain above, the second mind. That means everything that you take in through all five of the senses is food that the mind needs to process. Consider what you hear, see, feel, experience, think, taste, and touch as part of your lived food intake that needs to be digested.