a{Live} now: Good Morning, Perfectionist & Inner Critic – EP17

Waking up with fear is never fun for me. Who is feeling the fear? Ah… Good morning, Perfectionist and Inner Critic – what are doing here right now??

In this episode you’ll get an inside look at my waking up with fear, exploring perfectionism, how I give love to my inner critic and inner perfectionist so they don’t get out of hand, exploring the roots of protection and purpose behind the perfectionism, and the inspiration I got knowing that Madonna has reinvented herself 14 times (maybe more at this point).

A Little About a{Live} now

I’ve found that when I share what’s true in the moment, there is so much ALIVENESS and fullness in me.

That’s why I started the the a{Live} now mini-series, which is within the Embody Podcast. This is the second episode and I intend to share what’s happening in my real life and in my inner world, what’s truly full and alive now.

What’s alive now in me has often been what’s filled the juicy stuff of life: themes, joys, or challenges that others may also be experiencing, a fear and other emotions that bring me to the edge of my fullest expression in the moment.

As you listen, I will also share snippets of how you can support your own heart and soul, know yourself, be your fullest, or heal and love yourself.

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Links & Resources Mentioned

Voice Dialogue and Family Constellations have helped me tremendously in knowing all the parts of me that have fear and may be speaking or running my life at different times. It is similar to other types of Parts Work and Internal Family Systems.

Show Notes

  • 00:00 Intro & Welcome
  • 00:43 Sharing Vulnerably in the Last Podcast: Part 2 of Spiritual Crisis
  • 01:16 Waking up With Fear
  • 02:00 Vulnerability Hangover? What is this fear?
  • 02:10 Let’s Talk About Perfectionism
  • 02:56 An Artist’s Work is Never Done
  • 03:16 Perfectionism as a Choice
  • 03:51 Giving Ourselves Space to Evolve and Have Humility
  • 04:32 Be who we are today
  • 04:45 Don’t be hurtful, but stand behind yourself NOW
  • 05:13 Standing Behind my Voice
  • 05:48 The Team of Inner Destruction: Perfectionist & Critic
  • 06:36 The Power they Have and why they are important
  • 07:01 Protection Can Get Out of Hand: Antidote is love and assurance
  • 08:06 It’s safe to be imperfect
  • 08:27 Memo to your inner critic/perfectionist
  • 09:53 How & When I Check In with them
  • 10:52 Be Gentle
  • 11:02 Madonna Reinvented herself 14x
  • 12:20 Bringing Back the Artist
  • 13:47 You don’t have to pick one thing
  • 14:33 Thanks for listening in
  • 15:06 Parts Work and Voice Dialogue
  • 15:50 Sendoff

Featured photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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