About the Logo

This logo has three special meanings which give the essence of my philosophies and practice.


Our human messiness and challenges are rich opportunities to know ourselves. This is shown through the simple hand-drawn lines and blurred colors in the logo. Our struggles provide a chance to harness the wholeness, energy, and insight that lies inside waiting to be restored. This provides a deep level of freedom and peace. This image represents an appreciation of our own natural processes and aliveness.

Candice wu logo


This koshas are an ancient understanding in yoga which provide the foundation of my Holistic practice. The koshas provide the understanding that who we are internally expresses itself externally: in our relationships, the spaces we inhabit, and in how we move through life. When we heal from the inside out, our external world naturally transforms. Each of the koshas is represented by one of the spaces between the lines of the logo.

the koshas:

The Koshas describe the five levels of our whole being (our physiology) which collectively embody who are are from our most causal or subtle (our individual “soul”) to the grossest state, the physical body. Each layer of the koshas, like the layers of an onion, is expressed by the outer layer and is an expression of a more inner layer. This gives us the ability to create transformation at any level of our being. The deepest level of change is at the core: knowing the truth of our infinite self and being aware of who we believe we are.

physical level : annamayakosha

The physical body is the most outer layer, consisting of our tissues (organs, blood, muscles, etc.), which expresses the structure of who we are. Our bodies hold our experiences and beliefs. When our experiences are are traumatic or undigested, these are stored viscerally in the cells of our body as tension, dis-ease, and pain. Yoga asana, somatic and body-centered therapy, and our body's sensations provide tools for healing and knowing ourselves at a deeper level.

energetic level : pranamayakosha

The second layer is made up of the functioning and processes of our physical bodies, our energy body. When we have experiences that have not been processed and known, our energy system holds these dynamics. The energy body is like a mapping for the physical body; the physical body forms to the energy. At this level, tantric and Vedic meditations, energy and soul healing practices, breathwork, chakras, the meridians, qigong, and acupressure (marma) points are powerful for balancing and soothing the energy body.

mental level : manomayakosha

The third layer from the outer edge is made up of the mind, which regulates perception of the senses, emotions, and thought. Our thoughts and emotions are stress being released and provide us fuel for deeper understanding of ourselves, meaning, and transformation. The power of inner attention is our most powerful innate tool to heal and balance us from the inside out. Various meditations, somatic therapies, voice dialogue, and family constellations support one's capacity to stay with their experience and to experience more of life's possibilities.

intellect level : vijnamayakosha

This level of your being contains your “intellect” or ability to witness and discern who you are and who you are not. It’s the part of you that can witness without judgment and see your self. Here we dip into your individual soul, the ways of being and beliefs you bring into this life – which enact and mirror back to you the lessons that show you the truth of who you are: a pure being of consciousness and possibility. 

We have a powerful capacity to direct our attention consciously. We may be tangled with unconscious patterns that we inherited through our family systems and culture. We may believe impressions, stories, or beliefs (samskaras: pronounced san-scar-uhs) that are neither true nor false. Working with this level, we can cultivate clarity on where we have been placing our attention, ease in our experience, integration, and purposeful movement through life through intention and attention.

This is the sweet spot of my healing facilitation with clients! 

causal level : anandamayakosha

This is the core of who and what we perceive ourselves to be, is the causal state of an individual, our essence. At this very powerful core, we move past our beliefs (samskaras) and into pure love. We are the universe, and the universe is us- no separation. This is the place of expansion of awareness into who we truly are: an infinite flow of love, we are connected and of the Whole.

Candice wu logo


Our family ancestry gives us our first way of knowing how to belong and love (or to not love). By healing at our roots, we can realize the lessons that are given to us and naturally shift into freedom and authenticity. Each of the lines of the logo were hand drawn by one of my six primary family members: myself, my mother and father, brother, sister, and my late sister (Ling- Spirit in Chinese) drawn by myself as a representation for her. In my experience, we free ourselves of our early and perhaps intergenerational dynamics when we acknowledge the thoughts, beliefs, sensations, and images that are stored in our physiology, those that are connected often unconsciously to our family lineages. Just as we would water the roots of a tree or heal the tree from the roots, not the leaves, we impact change in our lives by healing at the root.