Inner Trust: 8 Tips to Embody Trust & Intuition — EP145

Imagine you could easily trust your knowing, intuition, and trust you can handle anything. To be in the flow of your brilliant body and being. To trust Life as it comes to you, that you are creatively powerful and able to love yourself through anything. 8 tips!

A{Live} Now: Racism is in the Body, BLM + Hidden Race Wounds — EP123

I stand with Black people and see you. Witnessing the protests has inspired me to talk vulnerably and candidly about some experiences where I noticed my own racism coming to the surface. An invitation to look at your own lived wounds and beliefs around race — the ones you hide from yourself.

Parts Work: Embrace the Many Parts of You — EP52

This episode is about how to sort out your inner chatter with Parts Work. With many parts of us talking and acting at different times, it’s helpful to know their motives, fears, desires, agendas, purpose, and function in your inner dynamic. Explore and embrace the parts of yourself so you can feel clarity and deeper awareness of yourself, heal the wounded or diminished parts of you, know what part of yourself is acting in various situations, lead from your Self – from aligned intention. Enjoy the guided healing experiences to follow that will walk you through dialoguing with and embodying the parts of yourself!