Interview of My After Psychology Grad School Journey by Andriana Frost — EP146

While this interview by my friend and colleague, Andriana Frost, was designed to speak to students of the psychology and counseling world as they venture out into the world with their degrees in hand, it might be interesting for anyone intrigued or interested in emerging their own voice in their business or healing practice. Learn about the leaps I took, how I created what I did, and the fears and surprises along the way!

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Andriana Frost M.S.
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Teaching Associate, Department of Psychology
West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Show Notes

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:51 Opening
  • 03:35 Video Version
  • 03:56 Welcome
  • 04:56 What’s Candices Job or Passion?
  • 08:52 How the Embody Podcast came to be
  • 10:07 A Balanced Life to have the Strength for Others
  • 12:22 An Important Question: What feels right?
  • 13:33 What was your Path in Training and Experience?
  • 15:52 Deciding to go into Psychology
  • 17:10 Quitting the Doctorate because of other Modalities
  • 18:55 Finding my Self Designed Healing
  • 20:01 The Impact of Traveling and Different Spaces
  • 27:16 What are the Skills that have Formed my Practice?
  • 32:04 What do you find most rewarding in your work?
  • 33:11 What do you find most challenging in your work?
  • 36:51 What advice do you have for students?
  • 39:00 Feeling that you have Time
  • 40:48 How to contact Candice?
  • 41:56 Permission to be in Uncertainty
  • 43:06 Outro

Intro Music by Nick Werber


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