The Mind Does Not Compute What Belongs to the Heart — EP138

On navigating the unknown, how the mind does not compute what belongs to the heart, when your feelings might not match your “reality”, tips and tools for navigating the unknown and the discomfort of not knowing: the wilderness of your being.

Heart Love + Speaking From the Heart – EP3

Give some love and balancing to your heart with 3 meditations and by exploring how to speak from your heart. You’ll learn an alignment and grounding meditation, a heart balancing energy meditation, and a turning inward with love meditation. Working with your ancient ability to heal yourself, these guided meditations will support you in releasing emotions, heart health, feeling more … Read More

Self – Love Note ❤ Heart Healing + Balancing

Give a little love ❤ to your heart with this Marma Point (acupressure point): Heart 7. Marma points are tender points on the body, where energetic channels cross and are poignant to the balance of our organ systems. This one, in particular, is on the Heart Channel. The Heart 7 Marma Point is great for relieving…