Beth Shares Her Journey to Roots & Wings

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In this episode, Beth Lynch shares with me her journey to Roots and Wings, not just her own energy work practice, but in herself- how she continues to unfold who she is in her life, her challenges, and her joys. Learn a few energy work practices that she teaches most commonly and what energy work can do for you. Beth and I connected instantly the first time we met and we have been colleagues and friends since. I truly admire her light, magical, and joyful energy that she brings in every movement and word.

Beth Lynch, RN, APN is an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner, Eden Energy Medicine Authorized Instructor, with a commitment to supporting and empowering you on your own journey to heal, evolve and optimize wellness through energy work. Working with your energy systems can help find your physical, emotional or spiritual blocks or ‘sticking points’ that may be holding you back from fulfillment in yourself and in your life.

Beth began her journey in the health field as a nurse with holistic roots. Beth always felt that there was ‘something more' she had to offer in the healing field. She followed her heart into Energy Medicine and is so grateful for the awareness and alignment she feels in her life. She loves the study and exploration of the traditions and science of Energy Medicine and interacting with the language of the energies. Her comprehensive training in Energy Medicine allowed her to ‘fill in the gaps’ of conventional medicine, opening up to a wider view of caring for the body, mind, and spirit.

Beth is passionate about working with women’s health, heart and empowerment issues to help allow more flow, health, and ease into your life. She also loves working with kids groups. She is married and the mother of three beautiful and spirited children and lives the labyrinth nature of being a parent. A few things she loves are kindness, connection to others, yoga, the fresh feeling of being outside in nature spending time with family, friends and of course their Bernese Mountain Dog.

Eden Energy Medicine techniques incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure involving meridians, aura, Five Element Theory, chakras, along with Qi Gong and Yoga influence, all help to keep your energies flowing and you feeling better inside and out.

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Beth Lynch
Roots & Wings Energy

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Show Notes

  • 01:40 Welcoming Beth & Introduction
  • 03:02 Energy Work – Filling the Gaps in Nursing
  • 04:26 Origins of Roots & Wings: Her Practice
  • 06:09 Beth’s Personal Growth Shift
  • 07:14 Beth Shares Energy Practices
  • 08:41 The Hook Up Energy Practice
  • 10:11 What’s Exciting Beth Now
  • 10:59 Being a Leader in Your Own Life
  • 12:03 What is Really Important to You and What Brings you Back to Yourself?
  • 14:21 Following Your Own Light
  • 15:33 Is it even worth it? What am I doing?
  • 15:47 Opening yourself up to “What Else is a possibility”
  • 15:59 Stepping Out of the Shadow Even if You Don’t Like the Spotlight
  • 16:25 Being Feminine and a Leader
  • 17:24 What Blocks You?
  • 19:03 What does it look like to be a Feminine Leader?
  • 20:44 Boundaries
  • 21:32 Losing left side of brain the book My Stroke of Insight
  • 22:29 The Space of Unacknowledged and Unsaid
  • 22:44 Having a face on, but feeling totally different.
  • 23:24 Kids as the greatest teacher
  • 24:06 Being Hard on yourself and Acceptance
  • 24:44 What Beth has learned in her Practice
  • 25:46 Starting out her practice and Feeling inadequate
  • 27:08 Energy Work Practice for those inadequacy feelings
  • 28:51 Water = Balancing
  • 29:34 Exercise: frustration and anger
  • 30:46 Anger – the hard emotion. Where does that come up for you?
  • 32:01 The Inner Critic
  • 32:12 Energy Work can help + Chakras
  • 33:17 Mentor said “Get to have both, worthy and unworthy”
  • 34:14 Book “Celestine Prophecy” – We bring messages to each other: What is your message for me as Candice?
  • 35:49 Message for Yourself: Stay with what you feel not how it makes others feel
  • 37:13 Letting Go to let something else in
  • 38:17 Music as a teacher
  • 39:49 Flow + learning to play with something that is painful when new
  • 41:46 About Contracting and Opening up
  • 42:06 Outro and Ending

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