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Self – Love is essential to feeling nourished, thriving, and being at ease in yourself. Your well being is at the root of all of what you'd like to create, do, and offer in the world. Imagine, if we each loved ourselves, what a difference it would make!

Each week, I share a Self – Love Note for you to experiment with and add onto your own ways of treating yourself with love. These include ways to love and care for yourself on all levels — your physical being, your energy body, your emotional and spiritual self, and your development of consciousness. Feel free to share with me your experience and your favorites.

Last week, we explored Body Love with the outermost layer of our physiology: the Physical Level. This is the most manifest and concrete level of who we are.

This week, we go more inward…

Energetic Body

Let’s explore and give love to the Energetic Body. In Sanskrit is is called Pranamayakosha. It is the second outermost level of the physiology and gives expression to the physical body. Thus, if we bring balance and healing to the Energetic Level of the body, we also bring balance and healing to the Physical Body. Prana, as you may know, is the vital energy, the essential force of the body.

When we have experiences or ways of being that have not been processed and known, our energy system holds these dynamics. The energy body is like a mapping for the physical body; the physical body forms to the energy. At this level, tantric and Vedic meditations, energy and soul healing practices, breathwork, chakras, the meridians, qigong, and acupressure (marma) points are powerful for balancing and soothing the energy body.

Clearing and Restoring Your Energy

This is an energetic practice that I learned from a fellow healer that I’ve adapted and combined with Tantric practices.

The first time I practiced this, I was skeptical and I also could not picture or visualize anything. I didn’t see any color and wasn’t sure I felt anything. Over time, I began to experience the reality of it, the healing aspects.

Don’t worry about getting it right, just notice. Experience. I encourage you to get curious about your own felt sense without judgment.

  • Go Inward: Close your eyes if you feel comfortable.
  • Imagine: What color would you be if you were your true color at this moment?
  • Notice: Where are there any other colors inside you that do not belong to you? Notice the colors, location in the body, and sensation.
  • Honor: Acknowledge what you feel as you notice and honor the experience.
  • Release: Allow the energies that are not yours to release back to where they belong, or into the universe, into the light.
  • Restore: Notice where there is any energy of your color outside of you in your surroundings, where you’ve recently been, or in another person.
  • Absorb: Breathe in the energy from outside you and draw it back inwards to the space behind your belly button.
  • Rest: Rest and allow the experience to integrate. Feel what happens now.

Be kind to yourself as you practice this, as this may not come so easily at first. Feel free to share with me your experience and ask questions! I’m here to support you.

Follow Along

We will continue dive into one of the levels of the physiology from the outermost (physical) to the innermost (spiritual and pure consciousness). Here’s last week’s post on Body Love. Follow along with me to get the inside scoop on your entire physiology!

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